Prof. A.A.A Osinubi

M.B.,B.S, MSc., Ph.D



On Behalf of my colleagues in the department of Anatomy, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, I would like to welcome you to our website.

The Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos is comprised of faculty, technical and administrative staff, and post-graduate students involved in research, education, and service activities that support the College in particular and the University of Lagos in General.

Anatomy as a branch of biology and medicine is focused on the structure of the human body from gross down to ultra-structural levels. Our research focuses on major areas such as Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology, Kine-Anthropometry, Biological Anthropology, Andrology and Stereology and employs a combination of cellular and sub-cellular approaches to the understanding of human health and disease mechanisms. Faculty conduct collaborative research in well-equipped laboratories located in the department and the College of Medicine within the Idi-Araba campus of the University of Lagos.

As one of the core Department of the Faculty of Basic medical sciences of the University of Lagos, we engage in multiple Educational activities primarily at the College of Medicine with instruction in anatomy to Medical and Dental students occupying the largest single disciplinary block of time at 200 level. We also teach human anatomy to students in allied disciplines like Physiotherapy, Physiology, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Radiography, Nursing and Medical laboratory sciences. The teaching and research facilities ensure that our Department  is excellently poised to keep abreast with modern trends. The Department also offers post-graduate degrees in Anatomy (M.Sc and Ph.D) as part of our curriculum.

Please feel free to navigate through our website for more information on our department. If you have a particular interest in any of our faculty, you may contact them directly. We hope to hear from you soon!